Staunton Chess Sets

Fierce Knight Staunton Chess Set

In the 1800's, Howard Staunton was considered to be the strongest chess player in the world. He played in tournaments the world over, but would often become upset at the vast differences in chess sets used, saying that some of the grandiose pieces made it difficult to tell which piece what which and claimed that it was effecting the outcome of games.

In the 1840's, Staunton saw a chess set design by Nathaniel Cook and fell in love with it, saying it was an ideal chess set.

Conquest Staunton Chess Set Howard Staunton

In 1849, the set became published by the game manufacturer Jaques of London and became known as The Staunton Chess Set. Today, the Staunton chess set is the most popular style of chess set around and is the official style of pieces used by every chess association on the planet for tournament play.

The Regency Chess Company specializes in Staunton chess sets and sells a variety of Staunton classic sets and variants. In fact, we believe we carry the most comprehensive collection of Staunton sets in Europe, and possibly the country.

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