Luxury Staunton Chess Sets

Old English Elite Chess Set

What makes a Staunton chess set become a "luxury" Staunton chess set? The fine value and detail of each piece. Our Luxury sets are hand carved into rare and valuable hardwoods and then weighted for the perfect feel and center of balance to become something you enjoy holding during a chess game.

The Bath Chess Set Howard Staunton

The biggest aspect of deciding if a chess set is "luxury", is how detailed the four knights are. Given the shape of the horse's head, the knight is the hardest piece to create. Many chess piece makers will go into such detail on the knights as to even carve the individual hairs in their mane, the teeth in their mouths and even the pupils in their eyes.

Our luxury Staunton chess sets combine the highest quality hand-carved Staunton pieces, with our unique chess boards to bring you a real piece of art in the form of a chess set.

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