Chess Clocks

Traditional Wooden Analogue Chess Clock

The tournament level chess player will need a chess clock as regulated by nearly every chess tournament on the planet! The Regency Chess Company carries a wide variety of chess clocks from some of the most well-known chess clock manufacturers such as DGT, BHB and Garde.

Analogue chess clocks are a great and simple buy for someone that either is just starting out with a chess clock and/or wants to use it when playing with friends. They are typically batter powered quartz clocks or wind-up spring clocks.

DGT Championship Digital Chess Clock

Digital chess clocks are becoming the new standard as many tournaments have time delay and/or incremental time as part of their time control. Digital clocks also have great features such as customizable time control presets and even Chess 960 position generator.

There are many choices of both types of clocks in The Regency Chess Company's online shop, and of course we can ship to anywhere in the world from our European warehouses.

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