Chess Boards

Italian Rootwood Chess Cabinet with Draw

The Regency Chess Company is proud of the chess boards we stock, as we sell many boards from some of the world's top chess board manufacturers from Italy, Spain, and Poland.
Polish chess board manufacturers ship us high quality and finely crafted chessboards that are as durable as they are affordable.

Italian manufacturers are known for high quality luxury goods, which of course includes chessboards. The Italian boards we stock are some of the highest quality boards in the world, and are simply stunning with their hand inlaid gloss lacquered squares. Any one of these boards would be a great buy and a beautiful addition to any chess enthusiast's collection.

Luxury Briarwood Chess Board

We also stock many chessboards sent to us by the Spanish chess manufacturer Rapachados Ferrer. Not only do we stock many of the beautiful chessboards made by this company, but they do something very special for us. Rapachados Ferrer designs custom chess boards for The Regency Chess Company that you will not be able to find at any other chess site.

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