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The Regency Chess Company Warehouse

The Regency Chess Company (based in Somerset, U.K.) was formed in 2008 as a new and exciting internet Chess retailer. Since then, we've seen exponential growth year after year as we have become world renown for our quality chess products and stellar customer service.

The Regency Chess Company Showroom

Our product range continues to grow, and it always seems that as soon as we add a new product, we become the industry leader in that product. For instance, in 2010 we added Backgammon sets to our selling repertoire. This move has doubled our worldwide profits while also making us one of the top distributors of Backgammon sets in Europe!

Our European warehouses are fully stocked and ready to continue our growth in the worlds of Chess and Backgammon with worldwide shipping and a professional, easy to use online shop.

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